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Members’ Testimonials

Cat Foulkes, BISC Member

“I came to learn and stayed for the friends I made.

BISC is a place where I set aside time to explore and develop my talents in a friendly and encouraging environment.

The club offers a diversity of experience, which is good in that we get a range of skills.

I am proud to be part of such a prestigious club.”

Cat Foulkes

Zoheb Sadiq

From a young age, I had a bad stutter which damaged my self-esteem, self-confidence and communication skills as I grew older. In May 2015, when I approached BISC, they invited me for a taster session and I knew within 5 minutes I had made the right decision. I was offered a safe environment amongst like-minded individuals to learn without fear of judgement. I was able to implement key learning techniques and effective methods to help develop my communication.

After a short period of time, I was able to deliver speeches up to 10 minutes in front of an audience, host club meetings, deliver engaging workshops and contribute to the club’s activity by joining the board. The club also inspired me to start my own branding agency business, deliver training workshops and speak in front of 50+ business professionals at networking events. The decision to invest in BISC has definitely been life-changing and I could never thank them enough for the sheer impact they’ve had on my personal life and the opportunities that have arisen.

Zoheb Sadiq, ZoCreative