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Training Provided by Birmingham International Speakers Club

POWERtalk Training Manual

Powertalk Master Manual

POWERtalk has a ‘Master’ training manual which is a comprehensive guide to speaking and presentation. It is available for members to download free of charge from the POWERtalk National website:

The manual also contains many practical ‘projects’ to provide experience in a variety of different speaking situations including the ‘leading’ of club meetings and the ‘evaluation’ of other speakers.

 Other projects include:

The projects may be completed in any order with no fixed time period though experience suggests that around 2 years provides the optimum level of personal development.

The project ‘specifications’ are not intended to be mandatory and may be adapted to individual needs.


Each speaker at a meeting is generally evaluated by two members of the club – one who will focus on content and the other on delivery. The evaluators have prepared sheets to guide them in what to look for and comment on. Each is asked to ensure that they deliver commendations for what was done really well and a recommendation for at least one thing that can be done better next time.

The whole concept is to support each other and to gain greater understanding of speaking techniques from analysing the work of fellow club members.

Of course, evaluations are themselves a speaking opportunity and should be delivered as a ‘structured’ speech.

We have introduced Learning Logs so that each member can keep track of what went well for them and what can be done better next time, along with a reminder of what they may have actually learned on the evening.

The training programme is regularly updated to meet changing presentation techniques.

POWERtalk Training Programme

POWERtalk offers a modular training programme. Each module may be tailored by a club to its own specifications and needs and takes a minimum of six months to complete. The POWERtalk programme presents opportunities to challenge continuing members with higher levels of training and for new members to learn the latest and the best skills in communication.

Other Activities and Training Options


All clubs participate in the annual speech contest which progresses though club to national level. There is also a very popular writing contest with sections for fiction, non-fiction and poetry.